• Yasin Gelatin participate in the API Guangzhou 2021

    Yasin Gelatin participate in the API Guangzhou 2021

    API China is a well-established comprehensive pharmaceuticals and chemicals show in Chinese pharmaceutical industry. With more than 40 years’ experience in China, it has been a well-known celebration for all parties involved in Chinese Pharmaceutical market. API China and its 3 co-related events ...
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  • Who focus on collagen product

    Best greetings from Yasin. Today we would like to share you one of our boss mr. Ling, his personal story motivates us and keeps us always working with him together. He gets up very early and works hard every day, which takes only one year for him to be deputy director of research from an ordinary...
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  • Strengths to Support Our Customers

    Thanks a lot for your trust and support for us.we will keep our strengths to support our customers develop more and more business in their market step by step. And here we would like to share with you what we can do for you,as follows: 1.Factory inspection support: Yasin, we not only provide our...
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  • Top 3 Manufacturer in China of EMPTY CAPSULE

    YASIN GELATIN is the top 3 manufacturer in china of EMPTY CAPSULE. We have cooperated with many famous pharmaceutical brand all over the word. More and more customers are satisfied with our high quality. Our successful products are gelatin capsule and (veg)HMPC empty capsule. We have strong abili...
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  • YASIN GELATIN – Professional manufacturer of Paintball Gelatin from China

    Paintball is a very popular sport all over the world. Paintball is the ammunition used in the paintball gun. Gelatin is one of the main material during producing paintball. The dosage of gelatin is 40%-45%. The gelatin applied in paintball are to lessen the force of the impact. The gelatin is for...
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  • Stable Delivery Time Guarantee

    We are a professional edible/pharmaceutical gelatin manufacturer for more than 35 years in China. If you have any issue about unstable delivery time, please see below our information for you. 1.Strong supply ability-You can receive your goods on time even in peak season. Daily output reaches 8mt...
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  • What is Jelly Glue Animal Glue Adhesive?

    What is Jelly Glue Animal Glue Adhesive? 1) JELLY GLUE OR ANIMAL GLUES are water based adhesives. 2) Animal glue is one kind of protein glue that is made from all natural   ingredients, a natural polymer. 3) They are derived from collagen, a protein constituent of skins and connective tissue, pri...
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  • How we we make soft capsule by using gelatin?

    How we we make soft capsule by using gelatin?

    For better understanding about the production for soft capsule. Here we’d like to give a detailed introductions as follows: 1. Weigh raw materials according to processing formula 2. Add water in tank and heat to 70 degrees. and then and add glycerin, colorant and preservatives in the gelati...
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  • Gelatin’s Advantages From Yasin

    Gelatin’s Advantages From Yasin

    After these years update in technology, our quality has been improved very much. Now our quality maintains stable and in high standard. we have exported to the USA, Bangladesh, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, etc. and customers are satisfi...
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  • Empty capsule Flow chart

    Empty capsule Flow chart

    Yasin empty capsule company which professional specialized in empty capsule in china.Glad to know you are in capsule field and with high reputation, we sincerely hope to start our cooperation from same sample orders, If possible, samples can be provided for your quality testing and comparison. We...
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  • The Application of Food Grade Gelatin

    The Application of Food Grade Gelatin

    Food Grade Gelatin Food grade gelatin varies from 80 to 280 Bloom. Gelatin is a generally recognized as safe food. Its most desirable properties are its melt-in-the-mouth characteristics and its ability to form thermo reversible gels. Gelatin is a protein made from parti...
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    INDUSTRIAL GELATIN is light yellow, brown or dark brown grain, which can pass the 4mm aperture standard sieve. It is a translucent, brittle (when dry), nearly tasteless solid substance, derived from the collagen inside animals” skin and bones. It’s an important chemical raw materials.It is...
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