What is Vegetable Peptide

The Vegetable Peptide is a mixture of polypeptides obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable proteins, and is mainly composed of small molecular peptides composed of 2 to 6 amino acids, and also contains a small amount of macromolecular peptides, free amino acids, sugars and inorganic salts. Ingredients, molecular mass below 800 Daltons.
The protein content is about 85%, and its amino acid composition is the same as that of vegetable protein. The balance of essential amino acids is good and the content is rich.
Vegetable peptides have high digestion and absorption rate, provide rapid energy, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and promote fat metabolism. They have good processing properties such as no protein denaturation, acid non-precipitation, heat non-coagulation, water solubility, and good fluidity. It is an excellent health food material.

Pea Peptide Features and Applications:
1. Water retention and oil absorption, used in meat products such as ham sausage as an excellent additive;
2. Foaming and foam stability can be partially added to pastry products instead of eggs;
3. Emulsifying and emulsifying stability can be used as an emulsifier for various foods; it can quickly emulsify fat, and the prepared sausage is very delicious and has high nutritional value;
4. Pea peptides can be used in biscuits to enhance fragrance and protein; they can also be used in noodle products to improve the nutritional value, strength and gluten of noodles, and to improve the appearance and taste of food.
5. For beverages, it has strong stability and good solubility. Wide range of application, completely soluble between PH value 3-11, no isoelectric point.
6. The US FDA considers peas to be the cleanest and without the risk of GMOs.
Application of Pea Peptide to Human Body:
It contains 8 essential amino acids for human body, and the ratio is close to the mode recommended by FAO/WHO. Pea peptide amino acids are nutritionally balanced, easily absorbed by the human body, have high biological potency, and have special effects and excellent functional properties. It is widely used in food and health products.




Post time: Dec-05-2022