How to choose the right JELLY GLUE

Jelly glue is made of industrial gelatin.Different specification has different function.Yasin has its own machine to produce gelatin and jelly glue. There are many types, such has manual slow drying type,manual medium drying type,manual medium drying type,top grade,quick drying glue etc. How to choose the right jelly glue? Its affected by various factors such as machine type, workshop humidity, workshop temperature etc.

Take Vietnam as an example, if you want jelly glue to produce box packaging ,we recommend 805 -manual medium drying type for you. Due to the high local temperatures and high humidity in Vietnam,805 it is more suitable. It’s suitable for the humidity 30%-90% in wet weather region.

In short, how to choose the right jelly glue,it’s affected by many factors. Yasin has 9 types of jelly glue, also can customized jelly glue according to client’s requirement.

Post time: Apr-19-2022