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Food Grade Gelatin

29 Sep 2014

Commercial food grade, except for speciality items, are free of added colors, flavors, preservatives and chemical additives. Gelatin is preferred in many applications for its clarity and bland flavor.

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In the pharmaceutical health industry, gelatin is used to make the shells of hard and soft capsules, tablets, suppositories substitute for medicines and so on. Gelatin is highly digestible and serves as a natural protective coating for medicines.

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Hydrolyzed protein is extracted from animal skin. It is rich in kinds of amino acids and very easy to absorb. Its instant solubility makes it easy to use in a wind range of applications such as functional foods and beverages, healthy and nutritional bars or cosmetics.

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Paintball Gelatin

17 Aug 2014

Paintball is very popular sport all over the world; paintballs are the ammunition used in the paintball gun. Gelatin is one of main material during producing paintball; the dosage of gelatin is 40-45% .the gelatins applied in paintball are to lessen the force of its impact.

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Fish Gelatin

12 Aug 2014

Fish gelatin was extract from fresh fish scales and skin, molecular weight, high viscosity and high transparency, heavy metal content is low. Fish gelatin can be applied as thickening, stabilizer, blowing agent etc. used in drugs and food manufacturing as the gelatin made of bovine skin and bovine bone.

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Yasin Gelatin are happy to welcome you to know more about our product, proud also to claim that we are halal certified. We by this video let you discover who we are and what we made for you.

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  • Based on continuous improvement in everything we do, we strive to provide products and services of excellence quality in order to achieve the financial profitability needed to secure the future of the company and its employees. We are convinced that the involvement and respect of our colleagues, care for the environment and attention to the legal requirements are important and determining factors, today and in the future.

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  • Dedicated to serving its local and global customers, Yasin is committed to the constant improvement of its products and processes to create new and lasting value for its customers. More than just a supplier, Yasin is a solution provider to Chinese company operating in all gelatin applications, providing the highest standards of quality, safety and excellence of its products to customers in China.

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