Emergency: Shortage of containers may cause logistics fees to rise

The distribution of containers around the world in recent months has been wildly uneven.

In February 2020, as China’s exports shrank due to the COVID-19 outbreak, container equipment at Chinese ports came to a standstill, which, combined with the suspension of shipping, further restricted the flow of container equipment.Containers are piling up at Chinese ports, while in Europe there is a shortage of container equipment.

Now there is the other way around. As China gets back to work and production, other countries are gradually opening up and restarting production. Shipping containers from China’s ports to their main export destinations has left a huge backlog of empty containers in the U.S., Europe and Australia, and a serious shortage in Asia.

Maersk, the world’s largest container carrier, has admitted that it has had a shortage of containers for months, particularly large 40-foot-long containers, because of the booming Pacific market.

DHL also issued a statement which criticizing shipping lines for shipping large numbers of containers to the Pacific Ocean to profit from record high freight rates on the U.S. West Coast.This has led to a shortage of containers in other parts of the world, for example on major Asia-Europe trade routes.

So there will continue to be a shortage of containers in the coming months, and it may take some time to get back into balance.The situation in the second wave of the global epidemic is still worsening, and its impact on the shipping industry is still significant.

In addition, from June began to advance by leaps and bounds in the United States, at the same time the African line, the Mediterranean line, the South American line, the India-Pakistan line, the Nordic line and so on almost all airline lines are followed up, the sea freight went straight to a few thousand dollars.Prices of ShenZhen exports to all ports in Southeast Asia will be increased from Nov 6, 2020.

Of course, The Chinese government is also working out solutions to the shortage of containers. However, due to the aging problem of gelatin and protein, in order to ensure the best product effect, Yasin customers should still make full preparations in advance and arrange the shipping time to avoid the timely delivery of goods.

Yasin will also try our best to book the containers to figure out the problems. Please trust Yasin who is your reliable supplier. We are sincerely to cooperate with you.

Post time: Dec-15-2020