Best greetings from Yasin.

Today we would like to share you one of our boss mr. Ling, his personal story motivates us and keeps us always working with him together. He gets up very early and works hard every day, which takes only one year for him to be deputy director of research from an ordinary research when he was young, because of his serious attitudes on every collagen production process, sometimes he even spent the whole day staying in the workshop to check every collagen production process, his professional in solving every techinical problems of collagen products. Besides that, he also in charge of different source of collagen projects by himself, he always tell us one dream that would like to contribute to Collagen Made In China with his greatest efforts, some clients home and abroad came to visit us to do factory audit, especially one of our regular customers from Thailand, they showed good comments to him and made good impression of him, because he is a truly responsible person and his rich experience in collagen field over 20years.

That’s why our team are growing up day by day and we are able to provide applicable techonology support for customers if they needed, we keep upgrading our product to meet every clients’ requirements, such as one of the new product called COLLAGEN TRIPEPTIDE with low average molecular weight, color-less, odor-less, super fast water dissolution rate, which attract more and more clients and can be widely used in different product application.

So my dear customer, before trial orders, if you need some sample to evaluate quality first, welcome to let us know at any time, the sample quantity such as 50gr to 100gr each bag can send out by official express such as DHL express, welcome to contact us by email or telephone, sincerely hope have chances we can discuss more details accordingly.

Thanks & Have a great day,

Yasin team


Post time: May-17-2021