What is Jelly Glue Animal Glue Adhesive?

1) JELLY GLUE OR ANIMAL GLUES are water based adhesives.

2) Animal glue is one kind of protein glue that is made from all natural   ingredients, a natural polymer.

3) They are derived from collagen, a protein constituent of skins and connective tissue, principally of bovine origin.

4) The components of the formulation are virtually 100% biodegradable.

5) They have no negative effect, either economic or ecological, on the recycling of paper or cardboard.

The benefits of YASIN JELLY GLUE:

1) Odorless. Excellent adhesiveness, good fluidity, fast drying 

2) Non-hazardous and non-toxic, eco-friendly products

3) Environmental protection

4) No bubbles used when used

5) Enhanced durability

6) Moisture resistance

7) Apply to full automatic machine rigid box making machine, semi-automatic case maker and for manual applications

8) It provides high tack and speed of bond, flexibility of the film, on-wrap characteristics, good adhesion on difficult substrates, machine clean running, no swelling or waving of paper, zero health risk during operation, as well as biodegradable and highly recyclable.


1) TOP 10 Jelly glue enterprises in China

2) Over 11 years of experience

3) Wholly owned gelatin production plant provides raw materials, well control the quality & cost

4) Own exclusive formula to make perfect jelly glue

5) Full automated production equipment with high output & fast delivery

6) Sales to more than 120 countries

7) ISO 9001 certified & SGS certificated

8) High quality jelly glue to meet different requirements by clients

9) Professional technical support online by 7*24 hours

Mainly Application of YASIN JELLY GLUE:

Luxury packaging: presentation packaging, boxes and cases (for gift, jewelry, cutlery, sliver and glassware, leather and luxury shoes, cosmetics, wine and spirits) displays, fancy sweet-boxes, board-games, book-cases paper industry.

Bookbinding: photo albums, calendars, diaries, book-covers, files, poster, displays binders, sample books, paper-cover board items.

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Post time: Apr-07-2021