1. The similarities between industrial gelatin and edible gelatin:

Both edible and industrial gelatin are proteins.

2.The difference between industrial gelatin and edible gelatin:

The extraction of edible gelatin and industrial gelatin is not troublesome. The key difference lies in the raw materials. The edible gelatin is extracted from fresh animal skins and bones. Industrial gelatin uses raw materials such as leather scraps.

Edible gelatin, raw materials are fresh, non-spoilage, without chemical treatment, animal skin (pig, cow and other animal skin is rich in collagen) processing, boiled out of the glue. Both raw materials and the final product are sanitary. Gelatin properties are collagen.

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Industrial gelatin does not belong to the category of food additives. First of all, the raw materials of industrial gelatin do not meet the food hygiene standards. Secondly, the processing process fails to meet the requirements of food hygiene. The products contain excessive heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead or residual chemical components, which is certainly not edible.

Next, we would like to introduce you about the harm of industrial gelatin to human body. The harm of industrial gelatin is pretty hairy. Edible gelatin extracted from animal skins and bones and can be applied to jelly and ice cream, candy. Industrial gelatin extracted from leather scraps which contains a number of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, to the human body the liver, kidney, skin, blood, etc. which will cause diseases such as anemia, nephritis, neuritis and even the cancerization of human body after reaching a certain amount of it.

So how to distinguish between industrial gelatin and edible gelatin products?

You can make it for the first time in three ways.

1. Industrial gelatin products are generally of poor quality, more impurities, smaller viscosity and toughness, so it is particularly fragile. If you find above in the products you buy, you can basically judge that industrial gelatin is added.

2. Industrial gelatin products, generally have bright colors. Because edible gelatin is transparent, white, and very clean, while industrial gelatin is full of impurities. If industrial gelatin is used, manufacturers will add flavors, and colorants to mask impurities, so the brighter the color, the more likely it is to be made from industrial gelatin.

3.The products made of industrial gelatin are often of poor quality, materials, technology and environment because they are made to reduce costs.

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Post time: Feb-21-2021