YASIN GELATIN is the top 3 manufacturer in china of EMPTY CAPSULE. We have cooperated with many famous pharmaceutical brand all over the word. More and more customers are satisfied with our high quality.

Our successful products are gelatin capsule and (veg)HMPC empty capsule. We have strong ability of our raw material supply chain. And quality control system.


For gelatin capsule

we have our owe gelatin raw material factory, gelatin is the raw material for the gelatin empty capsule, which help us be more stronger ability to finish your goods on time.

For HPMC empty capsule

we are also professional manufacture of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose founded in early 20th century, who guarantees strongly market competitiveness of HPMC, the raw material for the vegetable capsules. 

Here are our company Core strength:

1.World-class Aseptic Room Facility
2.Stringent Hygiene D Grade Standard
3.GMP Standard Workshop
4.Annual Output over 10 Billion
5.The qualified rate reached 99.97%


The advantage of our capsule:

The drug having unpleasant odor and taste can be administered by enclosing them in a tasteless shell.
The are smooth, become very slippery when moist and can be easily swallowed.
The are economical.
The are easy to handle and carry
The capsules release the medicament as and when desired in gastrointestinal tract.
Capsules are made from gelatin and hence they are therapeutically inert.
They are attractive in appearance.


Post time: Apr-26-2021