For better understanding about the production for soft capsule. Here we’d like to give a detailed introductions as follows:

1. Weigh raw materials according to processing formula

2. Add water in tank and heat to 70 degrees. and then and add glycerin, colorant and preservatives in the gelatin melting tank;

3.After 1-2hours, put gelatin granule Until all dissolved, then defoaming (around 50-65 degrees)

4. Open the vacuum when gelatin powder has completely dissolved into liquid. It may take around 30-90mintues under the condition of pressure intensity -0.08 MPa during vacuum processing. Time depends on gelatin liquid quantity during production.

5.Put it in a heat preservation barrel and let it stand for 2 to 4 hours. The purpose is to settle down the bubbles with a small density.

6.Pill making –(different mold, according to your requirement)

7.Shape – (in cage setting, 4hours, humidity 30%, temperature constant temperature 22-25%)

8.Drying – the process which removes excess moisture from the gelatin shell to shrink and firm up the softgel. Drying occurs either by tumbling or by a combination of tumbling and tray drying.

9.Inspection – Manual selection, the pass rate is 95%-99%

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Here we’d like to share with you some advantage by using our gelatin for soft capsule as below:

1. High purity, high extrusion. (our gelatin with large volume which have strong water absorption. Now the package bag we use is much larger than previous. Same grade, our 20kgs is equal to 25kgs from other suppliers. )

2. Lower producing cost with high productivity. The proportion of gelatin and water is 1:1 even 1:1.2 because of our high purity which can enhance productivity. To compare gelatin from Rosselot whose cost reduce a lot.

3. The gelatin netting approaching 0% because of it can be reused together with 200bloom (15°E)to balance the viscosity, then can be used with gelatin 180bloom together to produce soft capsule.

Post time: Mar-29-2021