After these years update in technology, our quality has been improved very much.

Now our quality maintains stable and in high standard.

we have exported to the USA, Bangladesh, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, etc. and customers are satisfied with our quality 

Gelatin's Advantages From Yasin

Regarding our gelatin for pharmaceutical industry, especial for capsule, we have the following advantages:

1)      Jelly Strength: Always higher than required standard  

2)      Viscosity: 3.5-5.5 mPa.s (can be customized to meet customers requirements)( Improve capsule thickness, elasticity)  

3)      Chromium: Less than 1mg/kg, normally we can do 0.5 mg/kg, while the international standard is less than 10mg/kg 

4)      Bacteria: We can guarantee the bacteria content within 10ppm, and others like E.Coli, salmonella, mold, staphylococcus negative.  

5)       Transmittance we can do:  

Transparency and transmittance which can make the capsule lighter with high quality. (Improve capsule color, stability and help even coloring)  

Wave length  


Normal Yasin can do  

Superior we can do  









Besides pharmaceutical grade, our food grade gelatin also have advantages such as customized viscosity, particle size, well controlled bacteria count, etc.

Welcome to inquire us at any time if you have the demand. Our processional sales team & technical support team will provide best service for you.

Post time: Mar-22-2021