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Technical gelatin and industrial gelatin

Yasin gelatin have rich experience in technical gelatin manufacturing for many years. We have technical gelatin to use in match industry, paper making, paintball production and other industry. We have ever exported thousands tons to our United States customers to produce the paintball. Also, we have customer in other countries imported the match gelatin from us every year.

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Gelatin in Adhesives

Over the past few decades gelatin-based adhesives have slowly been replaced by a variety of synthetics. Recently, however, the natural biodegradability of gelatin adhesives is being realized. Today, gelatin is the adhesive of choice in telephone book binding and corrugated cardboard sealing.

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Gelatin in Coated Abrasive

Gelatin is used as the binder between the paper substance and the abrasive particles of sandpaper. During manufacture the paper backing is first coated with a concentrated gelatin solution and then dusted with abrasive grit of the required particle size. Abrasive wheels, disks and belts are similarly prepared. Oven drying and a cross-linking treatment complete the process.


Gelatin in Coating and Sizing 

Technical gelatins are used in the warp sizing of rayon and acetate yarns. The gelatin size adds strength to the warp and resistance to abrasion so that breakage of the warp is minimized. Gelatin is particularly well suited for this application because of its excellent solubility and film strength. It is applied in aqueous solution along with penetrating oils, plasticizes and antifoam agents before weaving, and later removed during finishing with warm water. Paramagnet crinkle in crepe paper is the result of gelatin sizing. 

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