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2018 CPHI Exhibition Shanghai China

Our third CPHI in Shanghai was our achievement of this very busy starting year. We are established and increase our reputation with client from all over the world. Thanks for everyone who have visited our booth.

The full name of CPHI is International Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates. This exhibition is very grand and it is part of the brand name of Asia's largest pharmaceutical exhibition. We are honored to participate in such exhibitions and to meet face-to-face with our end customers. Here we will meet many pharmaceutical companies, a large part of which are our customers. We look forward to being able to communicate with our customers at a deeper level, if you have come to this exhibition. We hope we have the opportunity to communicate with you.

Also, if you want to come to our booth. You could contact us, we will arrange our sales customer serve for you, like dealing your passport and preordaining hotel. We will look forward to receiving your message.

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