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Fish Grade Gelatin



Fish gelatin was extract from fresh fish scales and skin, molecular weight, high viscosity and high transparency, heavy metal content is low. Fish gelatin can be applied as thickening, stabilizer, blowing agent etc. used in drugs and food manufacturing as the gelatin made of bovine skin and bovine bone.

Same time, because of the different characteristics of fish gelatin relative to bovine skin or bovine bone gelatin, fish gelatin application was more and more research and attention, and now, fish gelatin has become the material of choice for wine fining agents and had been widely used in various types of premium wines production.


As we all know, fish gelatin is widely used in food, medicine, health care, cosmetics and photography. For color, we can know that its color will look better than beef gelatin. The color of fish gelatin is light yellow, while beef gelatin may be yellow. Of course, the protein content and amino acid content of fish gelatin will be relatively high. This is one of the advantages that other gelatin does not have. This page will only do some related introductions. As for the detailed information of the products, we will display them in different specifications of fish gelatin products.

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