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Our Company

Yasin Gelatin, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters that undertake the business of high-quality gelatin for food grade, pharmaceutical grade, industrial grade and hydrolyzed protein in Asia.

As a company dedicated to customer satisfaction, the experience and resources of Yasin Gelatin Co., Ltd. are at your disposal for the development of new products and optimization of current production. Welcome your inquiries against any kind of gelatin.


Our factory owns not only solid technical force, excellent equipment and high-grade precision test equipment but also first class management. As our motto is to adopt new technology to improve quality of products, to enlarge our markets by top quality and establish our credit by good service, we are bold in making innovation, committed to improving quality and eager to develop gelatin derivatives. Nowadays more than 5000 tons of gelatin annually are popular in the domestic and enter the international markets. All products meet the national standard and industry standard.



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Mission and services

Our Mission

Based on continuous improvement in everything we do, we strive to provide products and services of excellence quality in order to achieve the financial profitability needed to secure the future of the company and its employees. We are convinced that the involvement and respect of our colleagues, care for the environment and attention to the legal requirements are important and determining factors, today and in the future.

Our Services

Gelatin has several functional properties: gel formation, thickening, glazing, stabilizing, emulsion formation, film formation, foam formation, syneresis, adhesion, water binding. Gelatin is therefore an extremely versatile product, used in many fields of application. Learn about Yasin Gelatin’products, including food grade gelatin, pharmaceutical grade gelatin, industrial grade gelatin, paintball gelatin, fish gelatin and hydrolyzed protein.

Yasin Culture

About Yasin Logo

Y and S close together and form a circle, have some meaning described here:

  • Our gelatin business is not only for domestic market but also for the overseas.
  • Yasin team maintains close coordination and group solidarity always.
  • About Yasin Team

    Our YASIN Enterprise Value Definition is “Help, Gratitude and Share”

  • Help--help employees grow up and achieve their own value.
  • Gratitude—be thankful for those who help us.
  • Share--share our skills, experience and happiness together.
  • Everyone in the company enjoys the happy and relax working atmosphere, and grow up with the company together.

  • Welcome all interested parties to contact us directly. We hope to receive your detailed inquiry at any time and look forward to cooperating with you in the near future. We believe that we are Your Best Choice, Your Reliable Supplier!

    Our Motto: “Your Best Choice, Your Reliable Supplier!” we always provide our products of stable good quality with competitive price, fast delivery , excellent service and enjoyed great popularity among the customers.